Friday, 10 June 2016

Giving thanks (without being sick)

Well well if you’ve been paying attention to the amount of spam I’ve been spouting you’ll know that a marathon went down in Liverpool recently and my hairy little legs were running it. It would be telling porkies to say it was enjoyable. 

Partly due to the intense heat and the obvious issues with it being about 23 miles too long, the whole thing was a massive mish, particularly the last stretch along Liverpool’s sea front and the final crawl over the line. It felt like doing a (bad) ecstasy droogs.

Here are some horrific photos of the event and nice one/props to anyone who sponsored me. Everyone is doing loads of runs, climbs, swims, hikes, shootings and wanks all in the aid of charidee and being bombarded with requests so the support is very gratefully received. Sorry - bit gushy. Yuck.



Bloody tits

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