Friday, 10 June 2016

We went to go and see Steve Davis DJ prog

We went to go and see snooker legend turned aspiring disc jockey Steve Davis DJ last week and it was hilarious from start to finish. Although Steve's passion for prog has been much documented this year ever since his appearance at the Bloc Festival, the very notion of him being a DJ is a funny one. He's a six times snooker world champion. If his house was on fire what would he save? His cues? Or his sevens? It's hard to say but what was isn't, is just how on point the tunes were at his night Dark Matter. 

Co-run with fellow musical nutter, Kavus Torabi, the evening is small, stinky and full of musical wonder and delights. Matthew Wright from Channel 5's The Wright Stuff was on the dancefloor. Steve was subject to a lot of female attention. Kavus has some big hair going on. The beer was fucking strong and the whole place stank of it unsurprisingly. The music veered wildly from rave to flutes and it was all done by midnight. Best little club night in London? Yes. Quite possibly... 

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