Monday, 23 December 2013

Balearic Mike

Balearic Mike is one of my favourite DJs. Everything about him is ace. The name, the slight podge (gained from a life spent drinking beers and searching/longing for vinyl), the fact he's a Manc, his flowing mane of hair and funny dress sense all make for a character who's almost larger than life. Add up all that, plus his impeccable taste in music and you've got a right dude on your hands. We caught him down at the Dance Tunnel in Dalston where he played a load of hot boogie business for Disco Bloodbath.

He didn't seem too impressed when I drunkenly staggered over  to say how much I loved his aura. But hey ho - check out a mix below. It's top banana...


Balearic Mike in the  mix

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