Monday, 23 December 2013

Pig's Ear Beer Festival

The Pig's Ear Beer Festival is a proper event in the Hackney pisshead's calendar. Now in its 30th year, the event takes place over the course of a week and is an excuse for a weird strain of men to gather together under one roof to sample a dazzlingly large selection of brews, make notes and mutter into their wayward beards. That is the vibe. Socks, sandalls, muchos facial hair, grumpy and ever so slightly smelly. We had a lovely time sampling some ales which tasted like butter, some which tasted of diesel and others which tasted of cheese. My guts were grateful that we only attended one of the five days... 

Steven Spewbag presents...

The battlefield - note large bloke quota

Enjoying a tipple

At one stage it felt like the room was spinning


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