Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Going live with Soho Radio

The second half of 2017 has disappeared in what Sonic Youth might describe as an explosion of heat, whirl and flash but there have been vibes a plenty to wade through.

First up is that worky tings have started doing a monthly show on bastion of all things independent radio, Soho Radio.We’ve thus far featured myself presenting nervously and interviews with HiFi Sean and Luke Haines, previously of the Auteurs acclaim.

For anyone who might have ventured to a Kiss the Fist or a Rough Disko we used to run, they are something of a bumpy two hour ride but that's par. You can have a wee listen to what we’ve been up to below and, as long as we can maintain a steadyish stream of willing victims to speak to, we’ll be on there every month for the foreseeable…

You can listen live here >

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