Wednesday, 14 December 2016

It's not all bad ... but it's not all good...

End of the year means it's time for content providers across the land to compile list after list after list of 'things' that happened over the preceding 12 months and what might happen over the next 12. This is all hung, drawn and quartered by 'critics' in as many digital slices as possible.

This traditional load of 'content' baloney is driven by Christmas and the fact that all anyone wants to do in the Western world is get pissed, eat and generally act like a slob for a few days. This is of course infinitely preferable to being at work and attempting to drum up anything newsworthy to crow about. But the online news machine needs feeding, hence desperate hacks resorting to recycling what's gone and what might happen many times over for our tired old eyes to tuck into again, again and again until they fall out. 

This year comes with the additional addendum that 2016 has been the worst 12 months 'ever' due to Trump, Brexit, Prince, Bowie, Cohen, AA Gill and every other cultural totem passing on. Jesus h. Get some fucking perspective you yaa yaa bores.

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