Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Tottenham Community Press

Tottenham has been our ends since mid-September and the vibes have been big and strong ever since we landed. Bruce Grove is our hood and it's been on point, from the Italian joint San Marco's to Aldi, the Beehive boozer and the Bruce Castle Park. We've been having a lovely time scrabbling around the post code and attempting to embrace the place, or at least uncover the boozers which will let us quaff ales with our sprog past 8pm without giving us a scolding. Don't judge us. Purleaseeeee.

As part of that, I've started putting together words for the Tottenham Community Press, a new social enterprise aimed at shining a light on the area and the good stuff that's going on in a community that feels like it's on the brink of taking off. Check out their website here and dig into the first piece I've written for them, on the next wave of grime to come in your ears.

Read issue one via PDF. 

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